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Welcome to McGregor Clinic's web site. The site is updated periodically, particularly the News page on the menu to the left. So please check back with us for new information.

Our location at 3487 Broadway Avenue

The McGregor Clinic is now open and saw the first patient at its "new" facility on December 10, 2012.

Below is what the new facility looks like.

Clinic History

In December of 1997, clients receiving HIV and AIDS related care at the McGregor Clinic in Fort Myers, Florida were provided an opportunity by the Lee County Florida Department of Health to submit a plan by September 15, 1998, outlining how the clinic would be operated as a nonprofit health care provider. A group of clinic clients and other interested citizens organized and met throughout the summer to create a concise plan for running the clinic with strong patient representation as a nonprofit outpatient health care provider. The intent throughout the process was to create a brief, preliminary proposal outlining, in conceptual terms, how the clinic could be operated as a nonprofit provider, contracting with the State of Florida and Lee County to provide a range of services to individuals with HIV and AIDS related diseases and disorders. The plan was submitted and accepted by the Lee County Florida Department of Health. After a transition period to allow time for incorporation, the formation of a Board of Directors and the organization of clinic staff, The McGregor Clinic, Inc. assumed control of the facility on November 15, 1999.

Mission Statement

The McGregor Clinic is a non-profit healthcare program which provides an integrated approach to patient care emphasizing services to HIV and AIDS clients.